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Developpement services and coaching

Are you a beginner developer and you have a problem understanding a retrogaming console, a retro computer or your program is buggy?
Ask me a question!
I have more than 20 years of experience in console and retro computer development, in C and assembler.
If I can help you I would be happy to do so, so don't hesitate!

Sale conditions:
  • If I am unable to answer the question asked, you will be fully refunded within 24 hours.
  • If I am able to answer the question asked, you will receive an answer by e-mail within 7 days (the e-mail will be the one used by your paypal account or another e-mail address that you can include in your question)
  • Here is an example of an accepted request:
    • How to do a palette fade on the Sega Megadrive?
    • How do I configure the Atari STe blitter to display a 16x16 sprite?
  • Here is an example of an unaccepted request:
    • Can you create a platform game for me on Gameboy with the following graphics?
If you want me to create a tool or a full game for your favorite retro console, click here to email me for a quote request!

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